13 January 2011

News from Romania

You may be amused at what the news reports here in the US about your

From Romania, there's news of drunk birds falling dead from the sky
(http://n.pr/gw8nwS) and witches putting a hex on government as their
earnings will now be taxed (http://bit.ly/ffFb4Z).

To be fair, dead birds falling from the sky is a popular story now.
There were a lot of dead birds in Arkansas, and the cause was not
known. I don't know if they checked blood alcohol levels.

By the way, if you're in the US and felt to be possibly driving drunk,
you don't have the protection of the 4th or 5th amendments. Mothers
Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has pushed through legislation that
eliminates the protection afforded by these amendments in regards to
drunk driving. These amendments are in regards to self-incrimination,
and search and seizure.

Nothing in the law about birds. They still fly free. If a dead bird
falls from the sky and hits a schoolchild, probably there'll be some


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