25 January 2011

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

EMRs are the big thing now in US medical care. President Obama wants
medical care computerized. Some see this as increasing efficiency and
quality; some as another step forward on the primrose path to

Until recently, everyone saw this as costing a lot of money. Companies
selling EMRs basically had a tricked-up billing system. These
companies bundled their software with hardware and on-site training,
then sold the package at a big mark-up. Each practice was looking at
spending $75-80 thousand.

I kept saying, what about SaaS and cloud computing? (thank you, Prof
Esteves and fellow IXMBAers). Well, EMRs as SaaS and data storage via
cloud computing is becoming available. There is training online.
Companies are competing, and...

The price is dropping. Iinstead of paying upfront for software, you
rent it. Now the best deal is $500/month, which is about what I pay
for billing anyhow.

Here is a blog on EMRs and quality: http://bit.ly/i92N6L. I don't
think the blogger has discovered SaaS and cloud computing options


1 comment:

Megan said...

Cloud computing has much to be desired in security. What about someone else getting my medical records and making decisions based on the information? What about SLA's about you getting information that is stored there? Cloud computing is up and coming, but is it ready for the medical field? I say no.