16 April 2011

Weekend Links

Business Ethics.
The top 10 companies paying FCPA fines (http://bit.ly/fuIwaL). As far as the FCPA rules are concerned, the definition of “foreign official” is broad (http://bit.ly/eivQL5). 
Duncan Watts's new book is about the failure of common sense (http://bit.ly/h7IjjV). How does lap dancing teach business ethics? Or is this an example of the failure of common sense (http://bit.ly/fHBAkB).
7 most discussed scientific biases (http://bit.ly/fourgO). Conflict of interest bias in article by economists, from American Banker (http://bit.ly/fSHWww).

Organizational Behavior.
A rant against pay for performance (http://bit.ly/eKsx76). Can studies on children be extrapolated to working adults?
Languages that are endangered or extinct (http://bit.ly/dHO3Eb).
• “Weaving a new corporate culture,” from CFO.com (http://bit.ly/g6jH6P).
35% of Illinois state workers are on workers' comp (http://bit.ly/fCrFm8).

How the US government debt came about (http://bit.ly/g5kx6Y).
US housing (Case-Shiller index) bubble, boom and bust (http://bit.ly/evu2A7 and http://bit.ly/ihFOVa).
Are people better off now than then? A simple test (http://bit.ly/fcZidt). Also Cox & Alm's How are we doing? (http://bit.ly/fUfnLG).

Information Technology.
Freedom, privacy, and the Internet (http://bit.ly/eym2aE).
Dvorak keyboard (http://bit.ly/edAKrn).

The ghost of cigarette advertising past, by Calfee (http://bit.ly/fSoBOg), or, the unintended consequences of regulation, or how the government ruins things.
Deshpande's “Why aren't you buying Venezuelan chocolate?” (http://bit.ly/fUfnLG).
How to lie with statistics (http://bit.ly/gj87uZ).

Scott Adams says study entrepreneurship (http://on.wsj.com/gHWOer). Readings about entrepreneurship (http://bit.ly/hjxsnl).

Has pharma M&A been useless (http://bit.ly/flRkv0)? Maybe, but not by this data.
Deregulation leads to price wars ((http://bit.ly/ijlzI3), by Florissen et al, “The Race to the Bottom.”

Operations Management.
The trouble with average costs (http://bit.ly/et4N8R). Oops.

Management Miscellany.
Chemistry explains all (http://lifehac.kr/fakEAq; “How to make the perfect Bloody Mary”).
Would you like to buy the Empire State Building? (http://nyti.ms/eAsEJY). 

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