09 April 2011

Weekend Links

Business Documentaries. The documentary “Inside Job” is available online, free: http://bit.ly/fNypyD. Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me!”) makes a documentary using brand marketing on making a documentary using brand marketing: http://bit.ly/hBHEEO.

Supply Chains and Petri nets. Mathematical network theory, Petri nets: http://bit.ly/fWqNQL, http://bit.ly/fM0I60. It looks like a supply chain to me.

Finance Theory and the Real World. Richard Feynman talks simple science: http://bit.ly/dTNyut. If the experimental data doesn't agree with the theory, then the theory is wrong. Amar Bhidé on finance and risk: http://bit.ly/gdgpau. I think he's saying that the experience doesn't accord with theory, therefore the theory is wrong.

Business Life. “Hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance?”: http://bbc.in/e2FL1w.

Telling a Story and Branding. Stories, which remind me of marketing and branding, by Kurt Vonnegut: http://bit.ly/heS0Lt. Rhetorical tricks of a Steve Jobs talk: http://bit.ly/f9zfcP.

Corruption Chronicles. If you legalize corruption, its price will decrease, so will you get less of it?: http://bit.ly/fl8NWX. Corruption in Equatorial Guinea: http://bit.ly/gjHFAz.

Miscellaneous. FDI in the USA: http://bit.ly/eQvloe. Enron's former CEO Jeffrey Skilling denied new trial: http://bbc.in/e2FL1w. Yves Smith, of the Naked Capitalism blog, reminds me of an Old Testament prophet: http://bit.ly/ij0SU1. Public lectures have been given at Gresham College at least since the 1600s (Samuel Pepys' Diary). Some lectures are now online. Here is “The Story of e,” which is definitely not as racy as “The Story of O”: http://bit.ly/f4VP97. Joseph Keckeissen and the US wetbacks who go to Guatemala and won't go home: http://bit.ly/gn65pA.

Theory Y and Animal Behavior.
1) Cute orangutan?: http://bit.ly/gqKmj7.
2) Bald eagles: http://bit.ly/hx8ytE.

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