16 May 2011

More Links

Scheduling meetings across time zones: http://lifehac.kr/mh6zIh

A perp walk for an innocent, “until proven guilty”: http://bit.ly/kqmoqx

Will Lagarde be the next head of the IMF?: http://reut.rs/kf3euI

Dizzy Gillespie plays: http://bit.ly/kSTpHH

Paul Zak says oxytocin shows that markets are moral: http://bit.ly/kC11KE. The 2nd part is best.

The “best of the best” economists: http://bit.ly/kQOTt1

New websites for economic data: http://bit.ly/ihC1qh, http://bit.ly/jL2eGB

The playwright David Mamet: http://bit.ly/k3aGF3. I liked the movie “State and Main.”

Bill James, the main statistician behind Moneyball, has written a book on popular crime: http://n.pr/iF3zBl

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