16 May 2010

Sal Khan & the Khan Academy: http://bit.ly/9cA0xi.

15 May 2010

Group dynamics and innovation: http://bit.ly/9kPsow
Oops! I just got my MBA from IE. Does this put paid to the idea of getting education during a recession? http://bit.ly/alWU6x

14 May 2010

From IESE: Pfeffer on Power (http://bit.ly/b3vUJe).

13 May 2010

Peter Klein's new book is out: http://bit.ly/dd02Sg.

11 May 2010

Robin Hanson on how NYSE rules caused the recent market meltdown: http://bit.ly/cs7syp
Recent business books recommended by Michael Roberto: http://bit.ly/9wfCb1
Futebol finance is a Portuguese RSS feed. You can translate to many languages (not Russian or Chinese though) or brush up on your Portuguese: http://bit.ly/dpTsPh
Zug.com, a site for pranks: http://www.zug.com/. Now, I need a site for cranks.
Harvard Endowment Funds bet against Goldman Sachs, lose: http://bit.ly/cGmaYB
Robert Samuelson on Greece and the "farewell" state: http://bit.ly/bk5ibm

10 May 2010

Bebchuk et al on Learning and the disappearing association between governance and returns: http://bit.ly/dcz5Ya
Niall Ferguson on catastrophic collapse: http://bit.ly/aOBQyM
Felix Salmon and Barry Nalebuff on how much to invest in stocks: http://bit.ly/b9V2K
"What's wrong with price gouging?": http://bit.ly/95iD8U. HT: Mankiw.
NatureNews goes open-access: http://bit.ly/cZqy0x
Markets in everything: using hair to sop up oil spill oil: http://bit.ly/9rwWwR
Letterman top 10 on Goldman Sachs: http://bit.ly/cFg5cp
1) Editor of Medical Hypotheses publishes article by Peter Duesberg. 2) Editor is sacked. http://bit.ly/bxUBAW

06 May 2010

Schools will now provide a list of days students CAN'T wear the US flag: http://bit.ly/9KQHYj.

04 May 2010

Steve Hanke on the Fed blowing bubbles: http://bit.ly/dp1atb. From Division of Labour.
Austro-Athenian Empire remembers Kent State and what it meant: http://bit.ly/cj5xxS.
Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine on GM "paying back the TARP loan in full": http://bit.ly/9d3wjm. HT:ProfessorBainbridge

02 May 2010

One hour video on Richard Feynman: http://bit.ly/VxOB.
Michael Roberto's review of Youngme Moon's new book on strategy: http://bit.ly/akTkCV.