14 February 2011

Spy versus spy

A lot of this has happened in the US, so you may not have heard the
story, which proceeded in steps...

1) Wikileaks gets and publishes US Federal Government cables

2) Paypal, and, as I recall, VISA and Mastercard, deny payments to

3) Anonymous, an organization of computer hackers, decides this is an
attack on freedom of information

4) Anonymous hacks Paypal, VISA, Mastercard websites

5) Chambers of Commerce, US I think, who are usually sleepy inactive
little organizations, decide to attack

6) They hire a security firm called HBGary (http://bit.ly/hCQWW9)

7) The Feds close in on Anonymous and/or their contacts, shutting at
least part of their of operations down

8) Anonymous gets wind of the Chambers of Commerce-HBGary
negotiations and publishes that

9) More to follow??


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