10 December 2008

Glasgow Rangers

for sale, according to The Political Economy of Football:





Glasgow Rangers owner Sir David Murray has made it clear that he is ready to sell the club which he purchased for £6m in 1988, inheriting a debt of roughly the same amount. He admitted that he would not get the money he had invested back: 'I've put over £100 million into this club and I'm not going to get anything like that back.' He added that it was still his prime objective to keep Rangers in Scottish hands 'but there aren't too many wealthy ones left. The choices are limited.' He suggested that the club could be a sound business investment particularly if it was run in a more financially prudent way: 'I've run it my way, which you can say is financially wrong.' He asked the rhetorical question, 'Why would they buy it? The same reason I bought it. It's today's yacht. I think Roman Abramovich got acceptability for his business by buying Chelsea. No one knew who he was before then. It has helped his business more than he will ever have allowed for.'"

Brad Evans