08 November 2008

Obama again

The plan is to require community service, but the wording was changed from "require" to "set a goal."

It doesn't look like words mean a lot. He's a free trader, but he's not; he won't set economic policy now, but he will. I'm afraid we will have to watch what he does, not what he says.

Sowell talks about conflicting visions. He divides people into those who want protection from the government and those who want to use the government and laws to advance their agenda. Obama is in the 2nd group. He has Rahm Emmanual to push through his agenda. I don't think that the current fiscal crisis, or the projected fiscal crisis related to government pensions and health care, to Medicare, and Social Security, will deter his administration from trying to achieve their goals.

The Bush Administration damaged our freedoms. It looks like the Obama administration will be worse (if that's possible) for liberty and freedom.

Brad Evans